Editor's Note

The broad market experienced an unexpected crash at the open and sank beneath support. The Titanic knew it was in iceberg waters and the collision with the iceberg was still unexpected. The market has been weak for the last several days but nobody expected the magnitude of today's crash.

The A/D line was 7:1 in favor of decliners on volume of 10 billion shares. This was a major market event BUT there was still no fundamental reason. Markets take profits. It is a fact of life and we have to deal with the unexpected events. The carnage today was dramatic.

The top eight stocks in the list are typically the defensive stocks that are in favor when the market melts down. McDonalds was positive earlier in the day but was eventually dragged lower with the rest.

I have written multiple times about second half lows being made in the first two weeks of October. However, October normally posts a gain for the month. I did not really expect the 2H lows to occur this year after a relatively tame Aug/Sep and strong fundamentals but the market has decided to follow the prior trend.


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